Exploring Riverside

Nicholas Longworth utilized Cincinnati’s hillsides to grow his fabulous Catawba grapes.

Of the 52 neighborhoods in Cincinnati, 10 of them face the river front. And only one of those neighborhoods is actually named after the geological place it exists, Riverside. There is something magical about being able to wake up and look out on the Ohio River, and that is a benefit that residents of Riverside get to enjoy everyday.

There is much to enjoy about Riverside; the historic homes overlooking the river, the Anderson Ferry, the hillside terraces, an 8 minute commute to downtown along US Route 50 , and the promise of a park connecting to downtown.

Ohio River Trail (Custom)

The Ohio River Trail will lead bikers and hikers along 200 miles along the river.

Those who live and/or love Riverside have worked hard over the years to invest in the neighborhood and in 2018 their hard work will pay off when, The Ohio River Trail West is built connecting parks along the river all the way downtown and projected to include over 200 miles of trail! This is a HUGE deal for Cincinnati and we can’t wait to explore the historic homes along this trail.

Only 8 minutes from downtown!

Highlighted in Red – Riverside can be found hugging the curves of the Great Ohio.

To step back in time. In 1840, Riverside was one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. Homes built in the area were not only built to impress but the owners were often prominent Cincinnati figures. Ever heard of Nicholas Longworth? He adored Riverside and its neighboring Sedamsville and Price Hill. In fact, you can still find the terraces that he once used to grow his award-winning Catawba grapes for wine.

The areas rich history and great architecture lends to its value as one of Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhoods. Our listing at 3586 River Road is one of those architectural gems. What you can see from the road is an antebellum Greek Revival addition added to an existing stone house that is preserved as the home’s kitchen. You can read more about the house on our previous blog ‘Greek Revival Revived’





3586 River Road

This Temple Fronted Greek Revival has AMAZING views and a scenic presence along U.S Route 50.