Northern Kentucky



Ludlow offers residents friendly and quaint neighborhood communities within convenient distance to the thriving entertainment districts in downtown Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport. Prices $15,000 to $130,000.


North Covington

Neighborhoods in North Covington are noted equally for their extravagant historic architecture and upscale modern entertainment and dining. Prices $5,000 to $550,000.


Central Covington

Central Covington is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of historic homes, including the recent decades of renovation of Italianate Victorian houses in Old Seminary Square. Prices $5,000 to $120,000.


Wallace Woods

Among neighborhood associations in Covington, the Wallace Woods Neighborhood Association is particularly active and progressive in engineering pedestrian safety and green space. Prices $30,000 to $250,000.


Newport Mansion Hill/East Row

The historic homes in Mansion Hill have the benefit of being within walking distance of Newport’s revitalized arts and entertainment districts, as well as Covington and downtown Cincinnati. Prices $50,000 to $400,000.



Known for its public parks and historic Fairfield Avenue, which fields a rich mix of boutique and essential businesses. Historic preservation is a strong focus of the city’s government, businesses, and residents. Prices $20,000 to $350,000.


Fort Thomas

Fort Thomas has been noted for the intensive renovation of its downtown and Midway business districts, including much new streetscaping. Prices $60,000 to $1,250,000.