Founded in 1888, Norwood is an enclave within the city limits of Cincinnati. Originally a mostly wooded coach stop named Sharpsburg, the area began significant subdivision development in 1873 led by a local dry goods merchant named L. C. Hopkins, who late suggested using the name Norwood as the neighborhood’s official name. (The area had long been known as “Northwood” because it was wooded and north of Cincinnati.) In addition to many modern shopping centers and businesses, the area is characterized by its historic residential architecture and tree-lined streets.

The Norwood Presidential District features many excellent Victorian Vernacular houses, with a small collection of elaborate Queen Anne Victorian as well. Also to be found are Arts and Crafts bungalows and Foursquares. Built from 1880 to 1925, these historic homes range in price from $60,000 to $500,000.

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