Ahimaazing House in Kings


A prime example of Italianate Architecture, here is the front facade of the King Mansion.

A prime example of Italianate Architecture, here is the front facade of the King Mansion.

We are so happy to share with you some history on our newest listing at 1720 East King Avenue in Kings Mills, Ohio. (MLS#1484045)

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Ahimaaz King

Ever wondered about where Kings Island got its name? It’s derivatives are in 2 parts.

First –  ‘Island’ comes from Coney Island. Which Kings Island Amusement Park was opened, many of the rides and staff came from the Old coney island. And Second- ‘Kings’ comes from the name of the place that the park was built: Kings Mills, Ohio.

Kings Mills is named after the owner of the Mills himself, Ahimaaz King. Ahimaaz King was a local industrialist who founded the the King Powder Company located on the Little Miami Railroad.

This company hired hundreds of workers to create ammunitions.  The workers of his factory moved to the area that would soon be called Kings Mills. Nearly the entire village was built at King’s request to house his employees. The village was predominantly wood framed homes, with a post office, hotel, and company store. In 1903 about 700 people lived in Kings Mills- most of them workers of Ahimaaz’s Empire. You can read about the local dangers of running a Powder Mill at this dayton history blog. Despite the dangers of

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The King Powder Mill

explosions, there was money in the business and Ahimaaz King worked hard to build his business and empire. Much remains today of his legacy;The powder mills still exist and could soon be reused as market rate lofts, about 140 dwellings built for worker’s homes still exist, the Kings School, and best of all the Historic King Mansion.

Ahimaaz King built a home for him and his family of brick. The brick was made and fired on property using clay from the Little Miami. This was the finest house in the village at the time it was built, and continues to hold that title today. After Ahimaaz died, the King family lived in this home for 3 generations. The Carter family purchased the home and lived here for 15 years. And In 2002, Deerfield Township purchased the property from the Carter Family. The township turned the 67 acres into Carter Park for the community to enjoy. After years of maintaining the home, the township has decided to search for a property owner who can breath new life into this local landmark. You can read more about why the township decided to sell the house here. 

The Historic King Mansion is now FOR SALE. This beautiful Italianate home was built in 1885 and is on the national register of historic places. This home is uniquely victorian, with angled bay windows, symmetrical dentil work, and tons of original detail. The home has 6 bedrooms, 4 baths and offers great rooms for entertaining: 3 parlors, a library, and formal dining room. Sitting on 1.76 acres, this parcel is adjecant to Carter PaSome of our favorite details include the 8 original fireplaces, the lincrusta embossed wall covering, and the stained glass windows around the front door! You can see those details and more below in our photo gallery.