You Are Where You Live: the Appealing Aesthetics of Newport’s East Row Historic District

We choose to live in places that fit our lifestyle and personality. As such, homeowners develop an emotional attachment to their home and–while your home is your haven–what is located around your home can be equally important. Aspects of a neighborhood that can trigger a strong attachment to a neighborhood could include

Next Chapter for the Historic Eckstein School

Adaptive reuse is the renovation and reuse of pre-existing structures for new purposes. It gives new life to buildings such as churches, schoolhouses, and warehouses that are neglected or whose original use is obsolete. Adaptive reuse does not mean the history of these properties should be forgotten. The Eckstein School in the Village of Glendale, […]

Thanks For That Historic Roof Over Your Head

Thanksgiving is always the 4th Thursday of November, kudos to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress back in 1941. This Thanksgiving is a departure from a lot of what we have normally done but, still, on this day, we will gather with family, and maybe some friends, and give thanks for all our blessings. The […]

Adaptive Reuse: Saloon-ward and Upward

As our cities and towns age, the adaptive reuse of old buildings is something we see more often. What we see today traces its roots to the historic preservation movement started in the mid-1960s—when the National Historic Preservation Act was passed in response to the destruction of historic buildings.  But the repurposing of old buildings […]

Is Your Home an Historic Home?

Ever wonder just what makes an old home an historic home? Ever done a web search on for Cincinnati historic homes for sale? We did. At 8:12 AM, September 12, 2019 EST. The search pulled up 57 homes for sale classified as “historic”. To be clear, That’s 57 homes in all of the 79.54 […]

The Upside of Historic District Living in Bellevue, Kentucky

Our listing at 326 Fairfield Avenue, Bellevue, Kentucky is a delightful mixture of Late Victorian and Arts & Crafts styles. Built in 1910, this single family home is nestled in the midst of Bellevue’s Fairfield Avenue Historic District. The historic district includes buildings along both sides of Fairfield Avenue/Kentucky Route 8 and extends from Lafayette […]

Hidden Hollow: A Charming Federal Style Country Home

It is not often we have the pleasure of having a real estate listing that has a name. The charming country home at 2088 Lindale-Nicholsville Road, Monroe Township, Ohio–along with its 40-plus acres–does though. Hidden Hollow. Tucked back off the road, at the end of a long driveway through a tall stand of pines, in a setting both landscaped and […]

Historic Districts: Location, Location, Location!

Any real estate agent will tell you that when buying a home, do not forget to consider “Location, Location, Location!” Different neighborhoods have different characteristics and you will want to pick the one that fits your lifestyle and personality and provides the amenities and niceties that you want around you. However, aside from all that, location […]

Exploring Riverside

Of the 52 neighborhoods in Cincinnati, 10 of them face the river front. And only one of those neighborhoods is actually named after the geological place it exists, Riverside. There is something magical about being able to wake up and look out on the Ohio River, and that is a benefit that residents of Riverside […]

Ahimaazing House in Kings

  We are so happy to share with you some history on our newest listing at 1720 East King Avenue in Kings Mills, Ohio. (MLS#1484045) Ever wondered about where Kings Island got its name? It’s derivatives are in 2 parts. First –  ‘Island’ comes from Coney Island. Which Kings Island Amusement Park was opened, many […]