8 Reasons to Live in the Rose Hill Park Subdivision

mithchellIf you are familiar with North Avondale, then you know it has some of the best historic residential architecture in Cincinnati–chock full of gorgeous homes mostly from the 1890s to 1930s.

Homes along Lenox Place.

Historic rendition of the residences along Lenox Place.

The Rose Hill Park Subdivision—also known as the Rose Hill gaslight district– is North Avondale’s gem. This planned subdivision was the brainchild of Robert Mitchell (1811-1899), of the renowned Mitchell and Rammelsburg Furniture Company in Cincinnati, who modeled the area on an English town concept and touted it as the “choicest residential property” around.

The Robert Mitchell House on Mitchell Avenue by Samuel Hannaford.

The Robert Mitchell House on Mitchell Avenue by Samuel Hannaford.

Here are 8 reasons to live in the Rose Hill Park Subdivision…1890s-speaking:

1) The area’s elevation, drainage, and views are THE BEST in Hamilton County.
2) More than $100,000 spent in permanent improvements, so all you have to do is build your house!

3) The streets (Rose Hill, Beechwood, Mitchell, Reading, Paddock, Blachley, and Lennox) are well-graded and paved with a new-fangled thing called asphalt (BTW, they have nice curbs, gutters, and sidewalks too).

4) Sewer, gas, and water pipes extend to the front of each lot–just tap on when you build!

5) It’s only 20-25 minutes to downtown by electric car service (something currently coming back to our fine city).

6) The lots are much deeper than average, ranging from 150 to 250 feet deep.

7) The elegant residences already built nearby ensure that this will be a choice spot for beautiful suburban homes (if the homes that were eventually built here belong in suburbia, sign me up!)

8) The subdivision is ready to go-there will be no more assessments for streets or other amenities and there is no expense for grading or draining lots…so…

The Roth House on Rose HIll Avenue by Anthony Kunz.

The Roth House on Rose HIll Avenue by Anthony Kunz.


Good Lots, 150-200 feet deep only $35-50 per foot

Choice Lots, 150-220 feet deep only $50-60 per foot

Beautiful Lots, 175-250 feet deep only $65-90 per foot

(Courtesy of Robert Mitchell, 1892)

The post would not be complete with including Adam's home on Rose Hill Avenue!

The post would not be complete without including Adam’s home on Rose Hill Avenue by George Werner and John Adkins!