Paradrome Street and the Leisurely Lifestyle of Mt. Adams…

1904 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map with the location of Paradrome Street.

923 Paradrome Street, Unit #1 in Mt Adams.

Mt. Adams, one of Cincinnati’s historic neighborhoods.

Increase of leisure, diminution of hustle are the ends to be sought  Betrand Russell

Without a doubt, Mt. Adams is one of Cincinnati’s neighborhood gems. This eclectic, walkable urban neighborhood is a mix of old and new, with a variety of restaurants, bars, and cultural attractions. It is safe to say that Mt. Adams breeds leisure…

The very cohesive feel that Mt. Adams presents is held in place by its geographic uniqueness–it is a “Mount” after all. However, no small part of this is aided by the fact that the neighborhood also abuts the beautiful 186-acre Eden Park.

The iconic Eden Park water tower was completed in 1894 by the firm of Cincinnati architect Samuel Hannaford.

In turn, Eden Park happens to be among the best historic parks that Cincinnati offers its residents. The park was named for the Garden of Eden by Nicholas Longworth,  who owned most of the land in the mid-19th century (Did you know Mr. Longworth is known as the father of American winemaking? Mt. Adams was originally part of his vineyards!). The land for the park was purchased by the City in 1869 and Architect Adolph Strauch, who also designed Spring Grove Cemetery, prepared the initial landscape plan.

If a neighborhood that promotes leisure in and of itself sits on the edge of a park, what are the advantages of owning a home fronting that park? There are many, of course, but my favorite is that “green open space spawns recreation and play”…Mt. Adams and Eden Park–it’s leisure squared!

So, if you are looking for an urban-parkside setting, check out 923 Paradome Street, Unit #1, currently for sale in Mt. Adams. I think you will find it fits the bill quite well—two-levels, two bedrooms, 1,390 square feet, nicely modernized, and facing Eden Park for over 130 years