Greek Revival Revived!

Greek Revival is the reintroduction of greek architectural styles. Aside from being a well known architectural style, it digs up grecian roots that inspire feelings of democracy, romance, and stature.  This style was the most popular style in the U.S. between 1820 and 1850 following the American Revolution. American cities throughout were building their churches, businesses, and homes in this style. The style gave buildings a formal and iconic look that imitated the way once built in Ancient Greece. Let’s see if we can figure out if our listing below fits …


3586 River Road

3586 River Road

A Basic Greek Revival Check List 

Is it symmetrical? Check!

Does it have a wide pedimented roof? Check!

Are those wide narrow windows around the front door? Check!

Do the columns remind you of ancient Athens?

Check! Check! Check!

Archeologists recreated the color scheme.

Did you know that people in ancient Greece actually painted their buildings with lots of color? – When it was time to ‘revive greek’ the paint had worn off, and our revival consists of mainly white ‘marble colored’ buildings!




Our newest listing at 3586 River Road (MLS#1470456),

Front Porch

The front porch offers river views and a peaceful retreat. The porch floor was recently refinished.

built in 1840 and standing prominent along the River in Riverside, holds it own in any Greek Revival category. This house overlooking the Ohio River Valley has been masterfully restored with thoughtful additions and has even received a few awards!

The home itself is one of a kind in Southwestern Ohio. While there are a number of Greek Revival’s nearby, there are none with the same grandeur and temple styled front that makes this house a landmark along river road.

Its speculated that this house was built  by Matthew Mcwilliams, the first resident of the home, who followed the basic designs of greek revival. McWilliams designed what was then arguably the most popular style of American homes at the time. The style is fierce, bold and at the same time subtle.

Center Hall looking towards from Door

Center Hall looking towards front Door

The columns that stand ground on the front porch are of the Doric order and are the first and prominent sign of a greek revival connection.

In  typical four over four fashion, there are four rooms on the first floor and four rooms upstairs, all connected by a center hall that runs 30 feet from the front to the back of the house.





Lets take a tour of this gem!

Front Parlor

The Front Parlor

The Back Parlor

The Back Parlor


Two Parlors are better than one! This house has a front and back parlor connected by large double doors, making the rooms larger and more open. They both have beautiful views of the serene surroundings and original fireplaces.




The Library

The Library



Maybe the quietest room in the house, the library has bookshelves for your entire ‘This Old House Magazine’ collection. A peaceful place to curl up and read.





Dining Room with Historic Fireplace

Dining Room with Historic Fireplace



The Dining Room just off the kitchen connects to the center hall and once connected to the staircase  through a servants door from this room.





Original stair rail takes you up to the second floor.


Before we head upstairs you have got to see this original wood staircase! At one point, behind the stair there was a servants passageway that would connect the dining room to the rest of the house. This has been converted to a closet but the door remains.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom




There are four large bedrooms on the second floor with a closet in each room. Two of the rooms have painted floors and two are down to a stained grain. The views out these bedroom windows offer serene scenes of the river and of the trees in the backyard. You can see more photos of the upstairs bedrooms here.

Kitchen sits in original part of house from 1810. Things to note here are the sink, an  artifact from a historic school building, and the soapstone countertops.

Kitchen sits in original part of house from 1810. Things to note here are the sink, an artifact from a historic school building, and the soapstone countertops.



Modern and historic, the kitchen of 3586 River Road sits in the oldest part of the house. Built in 1810 of stone this room had a major addition in 1840 when it went from one room to eleven. The large sink was salvaged from a historic public school and the fireplace restored. As for modern, the counters are soapstone and the appliances are updated and worthy of a top chef.




Mudroom with ample storage



Just off the Kitchen is the mudroom. Built in 2005, this mudroom opens out on to the back patio, has a huge pantry, full bathroom, and ample storage. The doors were chosen to reflect the Greek Revival doors on the front of the house.




View of the Back of the House

View of the Back of the House

Stepping outside, there is a large fenced in yard that stretches up the hill towards the garage. With terraced garden beds beside the house, a charming patio for entertaining, and a hot tub overlooking the hills of Kentucky- there is no end to possibilities outdoors!

This Greek Revival home has so much to offer and has been meticulously restored over the years. See it for yourself!

For more information on this historic home you can find the listing here: MLS#1470456.