What’s in a CincinnatiHistoricHomes.com Blog Anyway?

Welcome! This is the first blog post for CincinnatiHistoricHomes.com! This blog extraordinaire is a creation of the Sanregret Team, comprised of Adam Sanregret and myself, Karen Garrard. We specialize in providing real estate services for historic homes in Ohio and northern Kentucky (okay, okay, as well as apartment buildings, commercial properties, and real estate owned properties). Besides old houses, Adam also has a special knack for selling uncommon, niche properties such pony kegs, bars, and car washes!

Our professional enthusiasm is triggered by historic homes and we are both ardent supporters of the thoughtful preservation of these irreplaceable structures throughout the Tri-State area (on a personal note, we are both in the process of restoring our own late nineteenth century residences to their original splendor….).

Adam restoring floors

Adam restoring floors

With that being said, the goal of our blog is to be a resource on a wide range of historic preservation-related subjects from historic tax credits to fixing your old toilet innards, from the National Register of Historic Places to how to find a historic map of your property. You can even expect to find information on what kind of archaeological remains you might encounter in your own backyard (my first career was in archaeology but more on that later). Simply, we aim to raise the awareness and appreciation of the importance of our unique, historic places.

The archaeologist's archetypal screen and shovel

The archaeologist’s archetypal screen and shovel


Now that I have discussed the nuts and bolts of our blogging mission, I get to the really important part. Readers (Yes, that’s you) can leave comments. In fact, both Adam and I appreciate and encourage your feedback! However, to be practical, I will include our comment policy. First, this is a moderated blog and I will review all comments before posting them. Second, comments should abide by two general rules: Be respectful to others and stay on topic. But enough of that—once again, welcome to our blog and happy reading!