The Queen City’s Great Elf Migration

The City of Cincinnati was incorporated in 1819 with early residents settled on the lower terraces along the Ohio River–an area colloquially known as “The Basin” and where our modern downtown now sits. The city’s historic development equates with a geographic expansion into the surrounding hills. This migration of sorts resulted in Cincinnati’s 52 official […]

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Hannaford’s Guising

You have seen them around town…a boxed-in turret, a Queen Anne covered in single-color vinyl siding, pressure-treated wooden decks in place of shady porches, replacement windows shorter than the original window openings (Eeek!). They can be as scary as any witch, ghost, vampire or ghoul. To remuddle is to remodel a building in a way […]

8 Reasons To Live in the Rose Hill Park Subdivison

If you are familiar with North Avondale, then you know it has some of the best historic residential architecture in Cincinnati–chock full of gorgeous homes mostly from the 1890s to 1930s. The Rose Hill Park Subdivision—also known as the Rose Hill gaslight district– is North Avondale’s gem. This planned subdivision was the brainchild of Robert […]

Things to do in Cincy, No. 6 out of 13

Unlucky Friday the 13th is this week and it is going to be a full moon. This rarity will not happen again for another 35 years!. Although summer does not officially start until June 21st, it is certainly starting to look and feel like it in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Top “Things To Do In […]