DIY Historic Home Improvements….Just Do It

Any homeowner, and especially the proud owner of an historic home, always seems to possess the never-ending home improvements list (this may also be known as the “honey-do list“). In fact,isn’t this list conveniently started for them by their dear home inspector as part of the home-buying process? Thanks, inspectors! With springtime finally here, the […]

Onward….to the Good Stewardship of Historic Roudebush Farm

Roudebush Farm–described in detail in my last blog post–is a circa 1870 farmstead in northwestern Hamilton County, Ohio hoping for a new owner (MLS# 1386447). The farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (Ref #76001449) and notable for its well preserved farmhouse, schoolhouse (now a two-bedroom residence), and original barn (the barn […]

“My Old Window Is Jammed. It’s Such A Pane.”

If you love old houses, chances are you love the appearance and character of the original windows too. Nothing can beat the look. However, issues of energy efficiency and repair and maintenance difficulties can lead historic home owners along the path to replacement windows. Unlike old wooden windows, replacement windows cannot be maintained to extend […]

Herschede: Early 20th Century Elegance At Its Finest

  Built in 1908, the Herschede mansion in North Avondale, Cincinnati, seeks a new steward (MLS # 1366142/$474,900). The home is a unique mixture of Greek Revival and Italian Renaissance Revival architecture, with a heavier emphasis on the later. It is rectangular in plan, featuring a symmetrical façade. Typical of Italian Renaissance, its formal design is […]

A Great Combination: The Historic Charles E. Roth House and the FHA 203k Renovation Loan

Adam and I are hosting a tour and presentation of the historic Charles E. Roth house—the subject of a previous blog post—focusing on the use of the FHA 203k Renovation Loan. Built in 1907, the Roth House is located at 3937 Rose Hill Avenue in the Cincinnati neighborhood of North Avondale. It is for sale, […]

Thomas Crapper

Old Homes, Old Toilets: Restoring the Porcelain God

Toilets are something many people take for granted. Toilets of one shape or another have been around for millennia, such that even credit for the modern flush toilet is obscure. Many either give credit to Thomas Crapper (1837-1910) or Alexander Cumming, who patented a flushing device in 1775. Toilets do matter to a lot of […]

But Green’s The Color Of Spring…And I Think That’s What I Want To Be

Anyone familiar with Rose Hill Avenue in the historic neighborhood of North Avondale—lined with gaslights, mature trees, and gorgeous mansions built at the turn of the century—knows the “green brick house”. Actually, it’s green enameled brick tile. The tile, cutting edge for its time, was often used in the early 20th century for the light-wells […]

What’s in a Blog Anyway?

Welcome! This is the first blog post for! This blog extraordinaire is a creation of the Sanregret Team, comprised of Adam Sanregret and myself, Karen Garrard. We specialize in providing real estate services for historic homes in Ohio and northern Kentucky (okay, okay, as well as apartment buildings, commercial properties, and real estate owned properties). […]