Adding History To A Wonderful English Tudor Home

Recently, we introduced you to a wonderful English Tudor home built in 1916. As we explore the home’s history further, 1047 Lenox Place was built in 1917 by architect Guy Burroughs with draftsman Harry M. Price. The home was built for Cincinnatian David Joseph, whose business still survives today. The history of his company can be found here on the DJJ site.

Joseph bought the tract of land where the home was built with with the help of his father-in-law, Bernard Aram. Researcher Jennifer McLaughlin found a notice confirming this fact and is working even now to uncover more about this property. In her research, she found a picture of the grounds taken in 1923, but it’s so dark it’s almost impossible to see. That said, here’s a photo of the home from that same time within the pages of the Enquirer:

From then until now, much has changed in the world but this wonderful home still stands strong and is filled with stories. We invite you to visit it and see of you are the one who will take that history forward and build the next chapter in its story.
1047 Lenox Pl, Cincinnati, OH